Intentional Machine Intelligence

Research & Development.

What We Do. is focussed on building the next generation of intelligent machines. Although we understand the current excitement surrounding deep neural networks, we believe that this is but one possible method of machine learning and are interested in pursuing alternatives that don't rely so heavily on traditional designs.

We are working on a unique approach which we believe could be the foundation of an artificial general intelligence. Regardless of whether we are correct, we are concerned about the potential implications of such an innovation, and so are committed to using what we learn to provide sensible recommendations to the public and private sectors.

What We Think.

We like to think deeply about artificial intelligence, not only about the technical aspects but also about the potential economic, ethical, and existential implications. We feel that there is a shortage of rational debate on the topic and are committed to providing logical and consistent commentary.

Analytics. is primarily a research company. We are, however, completely self-funded. We finance our future research by offering consulting services that can provide value to customers today.

With Inphase Analytics, we build and manage data pipelines in the cloud. We have experience building data solutions for our internal systems as well as for customers. We provide strategic, architectural, and engineering services to help customers get the most from their data.

Data Preparation

We review your business requirements and available data and provide suggestions as to how we might turn what’s available into useful insights.

Data Processing

We build end-to-end data pipelines, including data acquisition, extraction, cleaning, processing, storage, and visualisation.

Data Presentation

We create visualisation solutions using industry standard tools. For more complex scenarios we can provide custom application development.


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